Time is Money. Use our boxes and supplies to reduce the time and costs associated with all aspects of your office move.

Denver’s Moving Boxes can service the relocation and storage needs of all local businesses.  It’s time for your company to move the green way while saving money and time.  Make the switch from expensive and time consuming cardboard boxes to our eco-friendly, pre-assembled, plastic boxes.  Brag to all your customers that you moved the green way!

Moving with Denver’s Moving Boxes is good for business!

  • The pre-assembled boxes are delivered directly to your office.
  • Many businesses can write off rentals the same year rather than depreciating the cost of purchasing cardboard boxes over a longer period of time.
  • The boxes pack and stack  very easily and are easy on your employee’s backs.
  • Time is money and moving our boxes takes a fraction of the  time cardboard boxes take to move.
  • Our industrial strength boxes are sturdy and water resistant.
  • The boxes are reusable up to 300+ times thus great for our environment.

We realize each business has different packing and moving needs.   Please fill out our Contact Us form and include your company size, tentative move date, current zip code and new zip code.

Upon receipt, one of our team members will phone to discuss your moving needs and put together a customized quote.

Click on a package below to select rental details.

Orders placed less than 24 hours prior to the requested delivery date are not guaranteed and are subject to availability.

Office Packages

1 week 2 weeks 3 weeks 4 weeks

1-10 Employees





  • 60 TOTES
  • 15 DOLLIES

11-20 Employees





  • 100 TOTES
  • 25 DOLLIES

21-30 Employees





  • 160 TOTES
  • 40 DOLLIES

31-40 Employees





  • 200 TOTES
  • 50 DOLLIES of any size

View Rental Agreement Contact us with any questions about your order.

Rental Time-Frame

For office moves over 40 employees, please contact Denver’s Moving Boxes at 303.223.2435.