Packing Products

We have access to different size boxes and additional packing products if you do not find what you need below.

Moving boxes Our BOXES are the ultimate Packing, Moving and Eco-Friendly solution.  Made of recyclable industrial grade plastic; the boxes have built in handles and locking lids. At 27″ wide handle to handle, 14″ wide and 12″ deep, they are designed to pack and stack, and be easy on your back! Rent them for as low as $.25 per day and pay only for as long as you need them. We will deliver them to your front door and pick them up at your new location.
Skates Denver’s Moving Boxes roll about on custom fit dollies that for obvious reasons we simply call “SKATES“. Perfect for residential and offices moves alike. Put an empty box on a skate, roll it from room to room as you pack then when that box is full, simply stack another box on top and repeat. Pack them, stack them and then just roll them on their way. You can move up to 4 packed boxes on a single skate.
Handtrucks Our two wheel HANDTRUCKS are perfect for loading and unloading boxes from your moving truck and work great for getting boxes and smaller furniture items up and down stairs. A great solution to reduce your moving time.
 Wardrobe boxes Moving a closet full of clothes is so much easier if you simply take your clothes out of your closet and hang them inside our WARDROBE BOXES. At 48″ tall with a 24″ hang bar, these boxes will securely hold up to 3′ of closet – often with room to spare in the bottom of the box. These boxes secure with Velcro and are easy to carry.
Packing paper 100% Recycled Newsprint PACKING PAPER. The paper we provide is recyclable and biodegradable. It’s economical and perfect for wrapping and protecting virtually any personal property that is sensitive to scratching or abrasions like picture frames, glassware, collectibles etc.
  Protect your contents with BUBBLE WRAP, This 50′ roll is 12″ wide and is perforated every 12″ for easy sizing.
 Zip Ties Ask for ZIP LOCKS if you need to secure your boxes and prevent unwanted or unintended opening after packing. Zip locks are 100% recyclable.
Box Labels Organize your move with BOX LABELS. Simply stick a label to the side of the box as you pack and remove it when you unpack. Included with all box rentals.