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Code Green – Upgrades to Building Codes in 2012 Sideline Old Homes

Building codes, and the energy codes that feed into them, are toughening by 15 percent next year in Colorado.  But unfortunately, the Moore’s Law in energy efficiency is sidelining even newer homes as buyers demand upgraded homes and mechanical systems that don’t bankrupt them at bill time.

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Trick or Treat?

Happy Halloween!  This is not a Trick it’s a Treat! Today’s Daily Deal – 4 free wardrobe boxes ($40 value) with any rental order! Check out our recommended moving box rental packages and call us to place your order. 303.223.2435        

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CO is the place to be!

This election is certainly not making anyone feel optimistic about the economy.   That said, this news is music to my ears! DailyUpdate: Colo. adds most jobs since Jan. SEE THE DETAILS HERE 

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