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Why Choose this Method

So we used this company last month for our move. We had a great experience. It was nice to have someone drop off everything we needed and just start packing. I used the studio package for my one bedroom and it was just enough. I looked into using another company that’s not local but they were really expensive comparatively. I spent around 65 dollars and that covered everything we needed including a dolly. Some might wonder why choose this method when you can buy card board boxes for a dollar, I thought the same thing at first but you would be surprised how nice it is to have the same box for everything. It makes packing and loading super easy, plus you’re being green which is something I can get behind. Overall we had a wonderful experience and they worked with us on the pick up date since we got kind of a late start unpacking. I would definitely recommend this company if you’re moving. ~ 20140304_112118Faith M., Denver, Colorado