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Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Thank you “Denver’s Moving Boxes” in greatly reducing the stress and anxiety associated with my move this year. Everything you do in the business make moving more convenient, including the invaluable drop-off and pick-up service. While I am also able to pack traditional boxes in advance of my moving day as well, your boxes remove the worry of which bo

xes to put on top of others and the potential for things to tip or get crushed merely waiting around my apartment.

Beyond the environmental benefit of using these reusable/rented boxes, I was very surprised with how convenient they were to stack and move on the rolling cart. The result of stacking even four boxes that varied in weight and volume was consistent and left little to worry about tipping over. The cart rolled smoothly even over the random cracks and crevices in downtown sidewalks. Additionally, the boxes greatly standardized the task of what is usually “packing Tetris” in my car. I was able to easily predict how many boxes would fit in my car and pack around them rather than take


several minutes to estimate what would fit and then wedge things together when I “was spatially challenged”.

Overall, Denver’s Moving Boxes greatly improved the arduous task of moving. It’s nice to have a local business that provides an environmentally positive alternative to those cardboard boxes while also improving the moving experience though valuable and convenient service. Thanks again Denver’s Moving Boxes, I would recommend you to anyone that is moving locally and is trying to take much of the unpredictability out of packing/moving.

~ Ed E., Denver, CO