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Local resident raves about their experience using our boxes

“Denver’s Moving Boxes made our recent move easy! Yes I said “moving” and “easy” in the same sentence. We utilize re-usable crates like this for corporate moves at work all the time…and they make even more sense for personal moves. They are durable, stackable, and easy to move with a flat dolly that can be rented with them. In fact during my lunch break a few weeks ago I was literally pushing 4 stacked boxes down the sidewalk between apartments (only 3 blocks between old and new apartments) while holding a coffee in my other hand.

Denver’s Moving Boxes makes moving so easy you can literally move with one hand tied behind your back…or a cup of coffee in it!

While I’d prefer not to move again, I know when I do I’ll most certainly make Denver’s Moving Boxes the first item on my moving to do list!”

Steve Sacco, Uptown Neighborhood