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Code Green – Upgrades to Building Codes in 2012 Sideline Old Homes

Building codes, and the energy codes that feed into them, are toughening by 15 percent next year in Colorado.  But unfortunately, the Moore’s Law in energy efficiency is sidelining even newer homes as buyers demand upgraded homes and mechanical systems that don’t bankrupt them at bill time.

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Packing tips

I have packed and moved more times that I like to remember.   Packing and moving is not easy however if you use our green boxes it WILL be easier, cheaper and eco-friendly!  Cardboard boxes are out!   I hope the tips below are helpful to you. Checklist of the basic packing tips   Start with out-of-season items. Next, pack things used infrequently. …

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Stress reducer

Reduce the stress involved with packing and moving by placing your rental box order today!  The first person to place their order received 10 free boxes for two weeks!   Talk with you soon…….   Marla owner / operator

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